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My Amazon Stores trading as "USB-Earth" on Amazon and "USB-Planet" on Amazon UK has near 5 star out of 5 reviews on Amazon and Amazon UK.  Our Business specialise in Computer Operating Systems on USB Flash Drive. All Of our USB Flash Drives are Brand New and only opened  for programming software. On both the mainstream Amazon and Amazon UK marketplaces I have made Thousands of sales to satisfied customers! All my USB Flash drives are Brand New and come with a full 14 Day money back guarantee should you be unhappy. Every USB Flash drive is also tested before distribution by our Computer Technician as sound install media for your peace of mind. We offer bootable Computer Recovery Operating Systems by Apple, Microsoft and Linux. We also offer UniBeast MultiBeast OS X Bootable USB's. UniBeast allows you to install Apple's Mac OS X on your Ordinary Windows  Intel PC.  

I believe computer operating systems should be kept as low in price as possible!

My Bootable USB Install media are only a marginal difference higher to what you would pay if the USB was blank! You really get the Operating System For Free (Only paying for the price of the USB Flash Drive)!


ON my website :  Your Purchase can be made via two super secure payment market options. You can be assured of 100% Buyer purchase protection! Full purchase protection options with backings of secure Amazon or Pay-Pal buyer claims and disputes protection!  We doubt you would ever need to use any disputes or claims as I have near 5 star Amazon records! I update the website on a regular basis and would notify if my Amazon score went any lower! Anyhow You can check for yourself via all my Amazon banners and links on this website! It all kinks to my most recent feedbacks!  Even if you purchase outside of Amazon Via Paypal please be assured your purchase is 100% safe and secure with full Pay-Pal buyer purchase protection! With Amazon and Pay-Pal Buyer Protection you can rest assured your purchase will arrive when you buy from this my website! Pay-Pal and Amazon Offers a Resolution and buyer claims Center in which you the Buyer can easily open a dispute if you are in any way unsatisfied or in the very unlikely event that your item never arrives?  Pay-Pal and Amazon protects Buyers all the way so your money is safe guarded when you buy from my website!  As well as Paypal protection I even offer my very own personal protection of a full 14 day Warranty! Your Credit Card or Pay-Pal purchase as secure at my Website as it is directly on Amazon!






There are many many reasons why it is smart to install your computers OS from Bootable USB. Firstly the days of DVD are dying as far more data can be packed into flash drives than on traditional CD/DVD.  Secondly many Operating Systems like Apple Mac OS X only offer their New Operating Systems as upgrades from their App Store. This causes some in convenience as many people like to clean install a new operating system to their computers Hard drive rather than just going over the top of it! Thirdly a clean installation after formatting will enable your computer to run far quicker and better than an upgrade. With A Bootable USB you can re-install any time you like where as with an upgrade that is not possible.







To navigate this website simply use the site menu boxes located on the top far right Panel of this page. There you will find tabs where you can purchase my Bootable USB Products of Windows, Mac OS X, Multi-Beast ( OS X on PC)  Solaris, Ubuntu and PC BSD Bootable USB Flash Drives. I accept Pay-Pal or you can purchase drives by Credit Card. Best Regards and I hope you enjoy browsing this website. 









No need to worry about Your Purchase not being in stock. Paypal alerts me when stocks are low and I then update again. When you shop at TCooper.WS you can safely purchase and not worry about stock issues and whether you will get your order. My Amazon account has a 4.8 Star out of 5 feedback record so I take great care of my customers needs and ship fast (within 1 business day). When you purchase from this website or on my Amazon Store you will be fully notified when your item ships and suitable tracking (when available) will be issued. I Ship via Australia Post both to Australia and Worldwide Locations. Shipping is fixed into your price so don't worry it won't cost anymore than what the checkout button has listed. For Australian Customers (Includes shipping Australia wide at an Average of 4 to 7 days Delivery Estimate) If your not in Australia no problem you can checkout just the same as Australian customers can!  I ship to International and Your Order will be sent by Airmail Padded Letter Australia Post which averages 2.5 to 3 weeks Delivery Estimate) to most Countries Worldwide. Your purchase comes with 100% Buyer purchase protection and satisfaction! We hope you enjoy your online shopping at TCooper.WS and my Amazon USB-Earth and UK USB-Planet!